Tata Steel’s continuous endeavor towards providing the best of products to construction and infrastructure industry have given rise to TATA Structura. This contemporary construction products marks the growth of aesthetic designing in architectural and engineering industry. Tata Structura is setting a benchmark in industry by being increasing used in                                                                       iconic structures countrwide.


Benefits of TATA STRUCTURA :


1) Better compressive strength due to lower slenderness ratio and higher yielstrength

2) Full strength under bending moment, regardless of lateral restraints due to superior torsional rigidity

3) Lower drag coefficients of closed structurals help to bypass the fluid currents more effectively than conventional sections

4) Enhanced shear capacity due to more effective area under shear

5) Due to YST 310 grade, sections can take more tensile loads as compared to ordinary lower grade structurals and hollow sections

6) The concentric conections of symmetrical hollow sections are extremely efficient in resisting secondary moments

7) Because of light weight, the seismic forces on the structure will be less, thereby reducing the weight of the structure

8) Manufactured from world class Hot Rolled Coils of Tata Steel

Applications :


Structural Hollow Sections find applications in various aspects of architecture. They can be used as design elements to enhance aesthetics without compromising the structural integrity of a building. Architects have found use for Steel Hollow Sections in space frames, staircases, roofs, trusses, purlins, portal frames etc.

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