Tata Readybuild

India is growing rapidly in the field of Construction and the outcome of this growth is never ending high-end infrastructure demand of products and services. Construction of an architecture often requires cut and bend structures of rebar of different shapes and sizes.

Commonly, cutting and bending of these rebar is done manually by bar benders and, with less precession and that too, using manual tools to meet the shape requirement. There are many other challenges faced by the builders that includes unvailability of material, scarcity of skilled labour, material wastage and unnecessary metal usage etc.
With Tiscon Readybuild, you get precise cut and bend rebar as per the project blue print, customised on state-of-the-art machines to deliver the high accuracy and zero imprecision while putting an end to hassle of scrap disposal and inventory management.
Tata Readybuild aims to provide the reliability of quality steel and better site productivity due to reduced involvement of unskilled labour. Thus, it makes completion of projects faster, leading to a better working capital management and revenue realisation for the construction companies.
Tata Readybuild Benefits :
Tata Tiscon Readybuild has a complete cutting and bending facility with fully automated machinery and Just-In-Time delivery system at the construction site.
Tata Tiscon Readybuild currently offers the Cut & Bend Rebar, Couplers and BBS Development Services that aim to provide customised shapes of rebar required at the construction sites.

Cut & Bend Rebar

Tiscon Readybuild aims at providing any desired shape and size of rebar required in the construction process. It is capable of from making simple structures to complex hellicle shapes. With Ready Build, construction companies don’t have to worry about accuracy, unavailability of material and timely completion of project.
All the cut and bend processes are done by involving world class automated machines which specializes in cutting the rebar in desired shape with extreme precision and bending of rebar as per the required shape and angle. It is able to bend all size of rebar from 6mm to 40 mm. Readybuild also provides specialized facility to make stirrups of desired size ranging from 6mm to 12 mm.


Tata Tiscon Readybuild is the only indian brand which produces it’s own range of couplers. Couplers are hollow mechanical structures which are threaded inside and screwed on to two rebars, which are combined to form a mechanical joint.
Traditionally, two rebars were laid parallel to each other and tied by a binding wire to form a mechanical joint. This process consumes more time & labour and also requires additional materials which increases the overall cost. Couplers are the perfect and new age solution to form a joint in rebar.
Couplers are conforming to IS 456-2000 code of practice and follows the En8D grade to ensure the chemical composition of all products match their predefined stipulations. They come in the range of 16 mm to 40 mm, covering the all needs of consumers.

Areas Of Application :

BBS Development Services

Tiscon Readybuild now offers professional service to develop Bar Bending Schedule in their fully automated centres for customers.
Experts of BBS development services use latest computer software to ensure error free bending schedule and professional coordination. Using the BBS services includes many advantages such as easy accessible bar bending schedules in multiple formats, accurate dimension of rebar and technological intervention leads to faster production cycle.


Sm@rtFAB, India’s first branded welded wire fabric (WWF),is the latest inclusion in Tata Steel’s portfolio. It is a cold worked, ribbed, electrically fused wire fabric, that can be used in concrete reinforcements, leading to optimum steel usage close to actual design, thus reducing steel intensity and leading to cost and time savings.